Nursing Informatics: The combination of Healthcare and with Information Technology

Nursing informatics is a practice that combines the knowledge derived from nursing and information gotten from communication technologies to promote the health of people, families and communities as a whole. The whole essence of applying the knowledge of nursing informatics is to drive the focus of all the health practitioners towards a patient- centered care.

Nurse informatics other job titles include educators, researchers, consultants if policy makers in order to improve and enhance the healthcare sector. However, there are various steps that define the nursing process

include, Assessment, Diagnosis, Outcomes, Implementation and Evaluation. The assessment phase uses a systemic and dynamic way to collect information about patients. The Diagnosis phase is when informants use their clinical experience to assess if the data collected accurately captures the needs of the patient.

The Outcomes stage involves designing the goals of a project to be implemented. The Implementation stage is actually carrying out the methods required to complete a project and lastly, Evaluation takes place when the effectiveness of a project is modified as needed.

Nursing Information Specialists

Informatics nurse specialists have been working in healthcare organization for years. But the question is, how would you know if one was working in your organization? An informatics nurse specialist combines nursing and computer science to manage and communicate information and knowledge in clinical practices in patients. They are usually effectively trained in analyzing data and taking critical and informed decisions when necessary.

It's Importance To Healthcare

They help to realize and achieve the goals of every new healthcare technology that are being implemented in order to enhance service and reduce cost.

1. They ensure confidentiality and helps to secure data and information.

2. Their enormous body of knowledge cannot be over emphasized.

Conclusively, the HIMSS (Healthcare Information And Management Systems Society) was established in 2004 and it is the recognized body solely in charge of healthcare and nursing professionals . The Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) helps to link the appropriate laboratories and radiology centers with physicians.

Becoming a Nursing Informaciticist

In order to become a qualified nursing informatics you need a four year degree plus earning your Bachelors of Science in Nursing before becoming certified.

Requesting for Intellectual Property Rights and the Unveiling of Samsung’s Adjustable Smartphone

It is anticipated that Samsung Electronics Company will unveil the first adjustable Smartphone design for sale before the middle of 2017. The organization has been generating widespread excitement, owing to this idea.

Not long ago, an image of the device was seen on the internet as part of the documents submitted to the Korean Intellectual Property Office on 20 April this year in order to obtain Intellectual Property Rights. In November last year, the organization also applied for Intellectual Property Rights of Usage with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The document with the following number US 2016-0187994 A1 is currently awaiting assent.

The gadget utilizes the Organic LED Technology for its adjustable showcase. The OLED Technology is not a first for Samsung as the company had before now employed it in all their important products. However, the latest design is poised to become the maiden adjustable Smartphone that will be sold to the public.

Samsung launched their Galaxy Note 7 before this new idea. Note 7 was widely accepted by the public until a number of the gadgets started to ignite and burst in flames when connected to power for charging. Litigations were rife as phone after phone became engulfed in flames. An unavoidable Public Relations episode occurred, compelling Samsung to callback the phones with a whooping loss put at two billion dollars. Samsung was equally forced to stop the sale of Galaxy Note 7, incurring an estimated loss of about five billion dollars and a calculated 95% loss of that year’s working profit.

Therefore, given the problems, which Samsung faced not too long ago, a combination of the OLED Technology with a concept that permits users to bend their devices, could place Samsung on a pedestal where they will receive patronage, regain lost advantage and reclaim their company’s image.

Prolonged erection

According to information in the IPR, the design will consist of an 8-inch screen when open and decrease to 5 inches when deployed as a telephone. For the two screens to function together in one phone, the copyrighted images showed a lever particularly installed to make the Smartphone erect and perfectly intact in the pocket when adjusted.

Whilst other pieces of information on the device are still unknown, people can tell that many components of a normal inflexible Smartphone work in a different way.Despite possessing a practical and adjustable showcase,

The brains behind this exceptional device need to come up with a way to fix a battery that stays in place whilst not getting excessively hot. It also needs to function optimally either when unfurled or not.


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A person that repairs copiers is a Copier Technician. Sounds simple right? Trust me a lot goes into training to become a technician let alone a Copier Technician. A technician is a person with practical know how of a theoretical principle and understands every practical step involved in the workings of a machine and /or process. Therefore a technician has the ability to understand the practical faults in a system when a layman describes his problems even an engineer.

A copier technician is therefore a person with in-depth practical knowledge of the workings of a copier and therefore can solve problems when a copier develops a fault.

A copier technician should love solving problems; therefore puzzle and video games are great basic trainings for aspiring technicians.

A copier technician must have an A+ certification (which is a basic competence certificate as a computer technician).A Comptia pdi+ is needed to be certified as a copier technician. In the course of his career manufacturer/ dealer trainings are often always an important part of career growth.

A copier technician is a field engineer because most of his work will involve solving problems for clientele outside office premises. Therefore technical know-how and product knowledge are expedient with great customer relation skills

In case you cannot get hold of a copier technician and you have a Paper Jam ; first find out which part of the copier the paper has stopped . If the paper has left the tray then chances are a gear could be broken or a part is loose or the paper

If there are lines on your copies and prints then the laser or fuser or camera of your copier is dirty. Lines on your copies often always indicate that parts of your copier taking the picture is bad or dirty. If lines appear on your print alone, then your original document might have a problem of there could be an internal memory problem. Strange noises could be faulty gears, and power cables must be check where machines are not turning on provided power source is intact.

When trouble shooting your copier, service manuals, manufacture manuals, online tech forums, and Google could be “life savers” . You can source for quick information that will go a long way in helping your copier technician when you to contact one.